Introducing Conversation Analyzer

Our speech analytics option turns the human voice into your greatest source of insight.

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Rapid access to every call’s hidden insights with automatic content analysis

Uncover every aspect of your sales and service performance, without draining time and resources listening to every call. Automatic voice call analysis let you instantly identify insights and trends as well as assessing your peoples’ compliance and product knowledge. Take any urgent action fast.


Leverage your Salesforce® data for dramatic results

Conversation Analyzer integrates knowledge derived from voice calls with your CRM data, to effortlessly identify improvement areas. Prioritise key insights, drill down to ineffective conversations and pick out the most effective ones. And do it all from your native Salesforce environment.

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Build and boost emotional connection

Any great conversation is based on an emotional connection. Conversation Analyzer gives you more of the story; see beyond words in a script and find insights to build richer, more engaged relationships with your prospects and customers.

Distill the
science of sales

Identify what makes your best sales people excel – and spread that behavior across the entire team. Conversation Analyzer breaks call content down into categories and displays breakdowns graphically. Uncover, understand and act on the details that drive performance, whether great or small.

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service every time

Your best service providers know how to forge connection with your customers. Accessible graphic displays breaking calls down into different subjects help you to dissect their secrets. Share their skills with all your people, to ensure that every conversation provides support levels that set you apart.

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Perfect new approaches in no time

Becoming a market leader requires continuous improvement. Effortless analysis of all calls lets you ensure new techniques are rolling out properly, measure their performance and identify optimisation opportunities. Find examples of best and worst practice instantly with intelligent call categorisation, without the hit and miss approach of random call sampling.

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Stay on top of compliance

Because all calls are automatically transcribed and analysed, it’s easy to spot and correct compliance issues before they become a problem.