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An interactive voice response, or IVR, is a technology enabling customers to interact with a computer through DTMF tones by pressing buttons on the telephone keypad. For example, it’s very common to be greeted by a IVR system when contacting a company where you will be greeted and offered a set menu options that will guide you to the right person or department (for example “press 1 for sales or press 2 for service”).

Why should you install an Interactive Voice Response system?

Well, IVRs give your callers a simple and intuitive way to access self-service options along with the ability to be connected to a live agent. This makes it easier to handle larger call volumes without having to hire new staff and enables you to improve customer service by quickly routing calls to the right person or department. IVR software can now be deployed in the cloud, providing you with an easy to use and manage solution that can be deployed quickly.

NewVoiceMedia’s cloud-based IVR system is tightly integrated with your Salesforce CRM, enabling you to dynamically route calls based on what you know about your customers.For example, a leading provider of parcel delivery services worldwide was able to dynamically change menu options and messages, allowing customers to fast track to a department or even self-serve based on the status of the parcel.

Zero agent touch

A major petrochemical company uses ContactWorld with IVR to simplify its global supply chain to gas stations. Managers call, input their reading and ContactWorld with IVR enters it straight into Salesforce®  – with zero agent touch.

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IVR accounts for 27% of the total
call experience.

The IVR accounts for 27% of the total call experience. However, only 7% of organisations currently offer an IVR solution that delivers a better experience (CSAT) than their live agent experience.

JD Power & Associates, 2013

Cost per contact comparison

IVR can also be used to more effectively manage your inbound call traffic. Offering your customers a call back service means they avoid the wait and you can even out the peaks and troughs.

With its seamless integration with Salesforce® the callback request is routed to agents complete with all the customer information an agent might need to give first class service.

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