The importance of PCI Compliance

The PCI DSS is an information security standard that protects the private credit card information of consumers. Standards include:  

  • Building and maintaining a secure network  
  • Maintaining a vulnerability management program  
  • Implementing strong access control measures  
  • Protecting cardholder data  
  • Regularly monitoring and testing networks  
  • Maintaining a company-wide information security policy

Credit card security breaches are common enough to warrant customers’ anxiety about privacy and the vulnerability of their funds. If your consumers are nervous about your security measures, then they are less likely to purchase your goods and services. NewVoiceMedia’s technology can help you comply with PCI DSS standards.

Using NewVoiceMedia’s PCI DSS solution, you can easily process credit card information over the phone, and do so in a manner that is PCI DSS compliant.  It's easy for your customers and protective of their personal financial information.

Contact NewVoiceMedia to learn more about our PCI DSS compliant services. Here are some of the benefits of choosing our security and commerce system for your business:

  • ContactWorld with PCI service enables card payments over the phone to be ‘agentless’. This takes care of all your data storage, call recording issues, and removes any possibility of fraud
  • A mid-call IVR means the caller speaks with an agent before being transferred to the secure automated system to enter their card details
  • For complete peace of mind, no cardholder details are stored and call recording is suspended

The benefits of PCI DSS compliance include:

  • The ability for merchants to meet credit card company requirements
  • Increased protection of your customers' private information
  • The chances of a security breach (and your need to resolve issues associated with theft and fraud) are greatly reduced.

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Stress free PCI Compliance.

NewVoiceMedia is a validated Level 1 PCI DSS Service provider, it has undergone a PCI DSS assessment with an external Quality Security Assessor.

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Key features

  • Process international transactions
  • Automatic credit checking
  • Secure transaction storage
  • Customer progress updates
  • Easy integration with back office

NewVoiceMedia enables us to reach our customers, and our customers to reach us.

Patrick Morgan
Operations Manager,

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