Personalised campaigns mean individual customer connections.


  • Create targeted campaigns based on any field in Salesforce®, import lists from other systems, and dial from lists directly created from reports.
  • Dynamic lists are continuously refreshed, which means getting in touch with those important leads happens fast, improving the chances of success.


  • Eliminating the agent manual dialling process removes the chance of misdialling and reduces downtime between calls, creating more time for longer, more meaningful conversations or more calls. Screen pops of customer data increase productivity further.
  • Connect can pop web pages outside of Salesforce® so agents have all the information at their fingertips. Recruitment customers have benefited from having candidates LinkedIn page pop when making calls.

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Which dialler is right for me?

Managers can choose from the two modes, to ensure the perfect fit for their team's style of working

Real-time visibility

Preview mode

The agent clicks a ‘Dial’ button to connect each call, with the opportunity to skip and flag any calls not made.

Allows time for research and is ideal for more complex calls.

Remote management

Automatic mode

As soon as the agent is presented with the next contact record, the contact is automatically dialled.

Removes the wait time between connections and is ideal for calls that are similar in nature.

Industry reports show that a dialler can increase the average number of dials per day by 73% for outbound prospecting and 49% for inbound qualification.

Bridge Group Inside Sales report 2012

Key features

  • Auto dial functionality based on Salesforce® lists and campaigns
  • Prioritise and order the calls using any combination or criteria
  • Track all activity & report using Salesforce® tools & dashboards
  • Dialler interface automatically pops detail page for the next priority item
  • Intelligent dial lists that update with new contact information as-and-when it changes
  • Create dial lists from reports in order to have a truly targeted campaign
  • Automatic presentation of CLID to present a local number when dialling
  • All activity and call recordings logged automatically

NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution has been an absolute game-changer for the growth of our sales floor.

Dan Rose
CEO, Six Pack Shortcuts

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