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Your customers don’t think about channels, so neither should you. Be where your customer is, regardless of channel, with Salesforce® Omni-Channel and ContactWorld Unite.

You should be considering an omni-channel strategy if you don’t have one, or looking for ways to simplify the management of omni-channel if you already have a strategy in place. Your customers don’t consider different channels as different conversations and therefore expect interactions to be fluent, regardless of location, device or channel. Accommodating omni-channel capabilities allows you to meet your customers wherever they are and interact in a way that best suits them.

With ContactWorld and Salesforce® omni-channel you have the flexibility to:  

  • Manage your channels and oversee complete customer interactions  
  • Streamline your operations and improve the customer experience with omni-channel  
  • Provide real-time performance metrics of your omni-channel strategy
  • Gain deeper insight into service levels and thorough business analytics
  • Deliver personalised contact handling omni-channel
  • Increase the productivity of your service teams

Enhance your omni-channel strategy to enhance your business, increase revenues, and better connect with your customers. Remember, businesses that refuse to adapt to customer demand cannot survive.

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of 8,000 consumers in Ovum study now use three channels to interact with a company.

Salesforce® integration

Together, Salesforce® and ContactWorld handle all communications channels better than ever before.

Looking to manage inbound communications? Take advantage of Omni-Channel from Salesforce® and ContactWorld to achieve superior voice channel and insightful business critical analytics in real time.

ContactWorld provides all you need with a unified queue, dynamic and skills based routing and cross channel prioritisation.

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Key features

  • Personalised routing and contact handling
  • Effortless customer experience
  • Productivity boost

Next Generation Customer Service.

Customers expect an appropriate and considered response, in a way that makes sense to them. Having one team to handle voice, and one for email and another on social has not made a noticeable difference to customers and their situation. Why? Simply because it has not resulted in an experience of personalised service, or it just takes too long.

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Benefits of Unite

Real-time Service Level Analytics

Real-time Service Level Analytics

Real-time service level monitoring.

Dynamic routing and contact handling rule management to ensure SLA are met.



Contact prioritisation by segment and context, not purely channel.

Channel is an attribute of a contact, not the defining feature.

Self-Service and Dynamic Announcements

Self-Service and Dynamic Announcements

Enable self-service for simpler enquires and pre-empt information requests.

Serve information to the customer using sophisticated data look ups into Salesforce® and other 3rd party systems.

A game-changing increase in fundraising of 225%

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