Getting Started with Salesforce & NewVoiceMedia

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Short demonstration showing how to get started with Salesforce & NewVoiceMedia

Learn just how easy it is to get started with Salesforce and NewVoiceMedia.   

With Salesforce and the AppExchange’s most popular telephony solution for sales and service, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.   

The world’s #1 CRM solution gives your sales teams the power to close deals like never before with an array of cloud-based tools that increase productivity, keep pipeline filled with solid leads, and score more wins.  Salesforce also helps your  service teams with tools for more responsive, more intuitive and more flexible support.  

With the addition of NewVoiceMedia's cloud telephony, your inbound and outbound phone calls can now be integrated with all of the information and intelligence you have stored in Salesforce. Want to record, log, monitor and track all of your inbound and outbound calls?  Want a cloud-based IVR to handle calls to your company 800 number? Want to route those calls to right person in sales or service based on what you know about the customer or prospect? Well, you get all of that and much more by combining Salesforce and NewVoiceMedia.  

And best of all, since both Salesforce and NewVoiceMedia are delivered through the cloud, it fast and easy to get started.   

Want to learn more? Watch this short demo video to learn how easy it is.  

Watch this demo

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