Much of the challenge is due to the fact that customer’s basic communication requirements have changed from even 5 years ago. Customers not only expect fast service through multiple channels (SMS, email, phone and social), they also expect the first representative to handle their request will have background on their case and the proper training on how to solve their inquiry. Simple enough? Well not really.

Join special guest John Goodman – one of the original trailblazers in the customer experience industry – and Paul Turner, VP Customer Adoption NewVoiceMedia as they discuss:

  • How to prioritize your companies’ current customer service challenges,
  • Best practices to identify and counter your top customer frustrations,
  • Emerging technologies that automate better customer communications to increase customer satisfaction.

Featured Speakers

John Goodman, Vice Chairman at Customer Care Measurement and Consulting

Paul Turner, VP Customer Adoption at NewVoiceMedia

Marisa Penepent, Field Marketing Manager at NewVoiceMedia

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