By integrating your phone system with your Salesforce CRM, your sales organization can benefit from a considerable surge in the number of prospects they connect with each hour of  every day. But it’s not just about getting a prospect on the phone, it’s also about how effective they  are at turning a conversation into a sales opportunity. By using the information you already have in Salesforce to personalize each interaction, your reps will be able to develop your sales pipeline more rapidly and ultimately book more revenue.

During this webinar you will see a live demonstration of NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Sales and learn six ways a cloud-based inside sales software solution will help you drive sales. Learn more about the benefits of using:

  • Click-to-call to avoid slow manual dialing
  • Automatic call logging to improve quality
  • Voicemail drops to improve outreach
  • Local presence to improve pickup rates
  • Automated Dialing to reach more prospects
  • Integrated Salesforce reporting to track inside sales performance

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