Ever wonder how an inside sales software company uses inside sales software to improve sales performance? Here at NewVoiceMedia, we drink our own champagne by using ContactWorld for Sales and our sales gamification application, Motivate, to understand what makes our top performers successful. Using those insights, we are then able to onboard new reps faster and improve the performance of lower performers while gaining clearer insights into the health of our sales opportunities.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Get factual, data-driven evidence into what it is that makes your top performers so successful. Find out what your "Paula Perfects" are doing that your "Larry Laggards" are not

  • Use behavioral data analysis to determine the real health of your deals and drive up forecast accuracy

  • Use behavioral analysis to drive the way you coach your sales teams, helping you to maximize the potential of your core performers and accelerate overall sales performance

  • Use insights to dramatically reduce the time it takes to onboard new sales reps, reducing the ramp to revenue time window.


Mark Fellowes

Mark Fellowes
SVP Sales Development and Operations Mark leads sales development and operations for NewVoiceMedia


David Kirk

David Kirk
Chief Revenue Officer, CloudApps David drives marketing and sales for NewVoiceMedia’s sales and service gamification solutions


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