Spring '17

Spring '17 unveils major enhancements to our intelligent communications platform that will optimise customers’ contact centre management and operations, enabling them to deliver a more efficient customer experience.

Strengthening an Intelligent Communications Platform

We have introduced more sophisticated tools and improved our global capabilities, including making significant enhancements to the Insights APIs. With these new and improved APIs, businesses now have greater access to contact centre data and statistics, for example by integrating off-platform Workforce Management (WFM) tools with ContactWorld.

By combining ContactWorld with Workforce Management, managers can take positive steps towards balancing the cost versus service dilemma, using their own contact centre data.

Using real contact center history, WFM solutions improve the accuracy of the business’s contact demand forecasts and create staffing schedules that are designed to optimise service level. Only through having agents with the right skills available at the right time in the right place, can businesses deliver on their service level goals.

Intelligent Communications Platform

A growing market awareness of the importance of the employees in customer ‎engagement centers is triggering an adjustment in the technologies needed to manage their day-to-day ‎roles

Enabling companies to perform at scale

Spring ’17 makes it even easier for growing organisations to maximise the efficiency of their sales and service teams, giving users more control than ever.

We have extended the capability of self-service IVRs with the ability to update existing Salesforce data. Now callers can enquire about their most recent case and make updates, such as changing a delivery slot, without speaking to an agent. 

We have simplified and enhanced the way in which calls are routed with Dynamic Overflow Routing. This allows better proactive management of peak periods and agent shift changes in individual regions as calls can be programmed to automatically route to selected areas of the business with available capacity. This guarantees callers the shortest wait time possible when servicing customers from multiple geographical regions.

Global Solutions

Maximising efficiency for all teams

We have also introduced several developments that give sales and service teams the toolkit they need to be more successful. In particular, reporting of agent statistics has been improved by a new feature that intelligently puts agents into the most appropriate state, based on their recent activity. This is further boosted by a new option that makes it compulsory for agents or reps to save notes after a call, delivering managers the peace of mind that all interaction details are recorded correctly.

Only with a complete data set can managers get a full view of what is happening in their team, and make key decisions to boost customer service levels.

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