Omni-shambles or omni-present?

Maria McCann by Maria McCann

I first heard the phrase omni-channel in 2012. A retail brand I was working with was integrating its systems so customers could seamlessly browse, shop and interact with the brand across all the channels available to them, including the contact … View full article

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How to include customers in the sales process

Shift CRM by Shift CRM

While Salesforce is often associated with tracking leads, managing contacts and deploying marketing campaigns, it has the potential to be utilized in a more unique way. In many respects, customers are the best sales people. There’s no denying the value that experienced sales professionals bring … View full article

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What you can learn about customer service from Marc Benioff

by Tim Pickard

Marc Benioff is a tech geek, a communications expert, an inspirational speaker and a philanthropist. Arguably, the real secret to his success is his ability to communicate. Anyone who’s been to Dreamforce will know exactly what I mean. He’s a … View full article

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Don’t make your customers abandon you

Steve Morrell by Steve Morrell

The recent ContactBabel report, ‘The 2014 UK Contact Centre Decision-Makers’ Guide’ contains a chapter on call-back, routing and queue management, which is sponsored by NewVoiceMedia. This section of the report investigates how contact centres are handling the initial voice contact … View full article

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Create a customer experience that builds loyalty

by Lisa Ford

In the best of all worlds, happy customers mean loyal customers. Loyal customers talk, create buzz and can be an advocate that leads to more customers. Customers want an exceptional experience and will quickly switch to another company to get … View full article

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