NewVoiceMedia to deliver service excellence at Dreamforce 2014

by Nicola Brookes

Dreamforce, the world’s largest technology conference hosted by, is obsessed with creating an “attendee first” experience for all 130,000 of its guests in San Francisco next month. To help them achieve that objective, NewVoiceMedia has been selected for the … View full article

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Making CRM implementation and process updates as smooth as possible

Amanda McDonald by Amanda McDonald

While CRM implementation is often transformative to an organization’s success, it can be challenging for employees to learn how to successfully operate the new software and then adopt new procedures and business processes. Here are five tips for making the … View full article

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You want to be customer obsessed? Deliver memorable customer moments

by Bluewolf

By Mark Forman, Senior Technical Instructor Take a moment and think about your greatest memories. Chances are, you just recalled specific, vivid moments in your life that stood out from ordinary experiences. Your customers’ experiences with your brand are the … View full article

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Customer service: the metrics you should be addicted to


If you’re going to become addicted, make sure it’s to something healthy By Pete Slease Customer service teams have their fair share of “metric-holics”; people who understandably become addicted to the office’s big electronic notice boards, where they watch the service … View full article

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